For For Thought: All For One And One For All

The rainbow presents a symbol of happiness, luck, joy, pride and health in my world. Rainbows cause people to stop, appreciate and share joy. I rarely see people frowning in the face of a rainbow. It is the perfect symbol for pride as each color on its own is unique, but together it is beautiful, diverse and harmonious. That is the human race no matter what our skin color, sexual orientation, gender or religion. On a plate, eating a rainbow of colors in our food not only stimulates the appetite by tantalizing the eyes, but provides our bodies with the nutrients that are needed. For the month of March, the conversation focused on LGBTQ. But rather than focus on LGBTQ rights were the conversation is often centered, we talked about the issues that the communities face that we don’t often talk about such as poverty, suicide, homelessness, violence, racial/cultural issues (think Moonlight or cultures like Asian or Latino cultures). We feasted on food that was crafted to honor two different concepts : the rainbow as a symbol of pride but also to take a food and make it different – show that what it is on the surface may not be what it is on the inside or try it in a new way. People like food can surprise you, so do not be scared of that which is different from you, you may like it in the end. Eat your colors. Celebrate pride.

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